At Reva Dental, our aim is to assist patients in retaining the natural dentition whenever possible and a very useful treatment for retaining badly broken down or symptomatic teeth is root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is a procedure to remove the pulp (nerve) when it is either inflamed, dead or infected. The pulp extends along small canals inside the tooth. The pulp of a tooth can become damaged due to dental decay, trauma, fractures or leaking crowns and fillings. Where the damaged or dead pulp is not removed, it will often become infected and may result in a dental abscess. Root canal treatment is a pain free procedure and while there may be occasional post-operative symptoms from this treatment the vast majority of cases resolve without postoperative pain.

Following root treatment it might be necessary to crown a tooth but this would be discussed before any treatment would commence.

root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment at REVA Dental Kells is provided by Endodontist Dr. Adrian Stewart BDS PG Dip Endo (UCL), MSc.

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