Do you qualify for free dental treatment under the prsi scheme?

All classes of PRSI employees are now entitled to a free dental exam & a discounted scale and polish from their dentist.

In Budget 2017, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced that he was reinstating a raft of dental and optical benefits once removed from PRSI workers during the recession.

This included a free dentist check-up examination once a year.

From October 28th 2017, workers are now also entitled to a subsidised scale and polish, and if necessary, protracted periodontal treatment, in addition to the existing free dental exam.

Periodontal treatment involves maintaining the gums in a healthy condition to prevent problems associated with gum disease such as bleeding gums, discomfort, loosening teeth and bad breath.

“The dental exam and treatments outlined will be available once per calendar year and, for the first time, will be extended to farmers and the self-employed who pay PRSI at class S,” added the Taoiseach.

To check whether you qualify under the PRSI scheme, just contact your with your PPS number and a member of our staff will confirm.