Regular dental check ups and cleanings are central to ensuring your overall oral health.

It’s true what they say, prevention is better than cure. And when it comes to your oral and dental health, prevention is also cheaper than cure. That’s because our dentists are able to detect serious dental problems, long before they arise.

At Reva Dental, our dental check up prices range from €30-40, which will involve careful examination of your mouth including the oral soft tissue.

Our dentists will check your teeth for plaque and tartar which can cause any number of oral diseases. More notably, our dentists look for cavities with the use of X-Rays if required.

Following careful examination of your teeth, your gums will be checked. Our dentists use tools that assess the depth of the spaces between your teeth. With healthy gums, spaces are narrow however teeth with relatively bigger gaps can often mean gum disease.

Following your dental check-up, you will be given a detailed explanation of any work that may be required. We also offer prescriptions when needed which comes at a discounted rate of €20 with your check up.


You may be entitled to a free check up annually under the government PRSI scheme. If you contact your local clinic with your PPS number, we will be happy to check this for you.

More about the Free PRSI Check Up here.

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