If you lose a tooth, then dental bridges may be the right choice. Supported by natural teeth or implants on both sides of the gap, a dental bridge will look like a tooth and then be placed over a space where two or more teeth used to belong. Porcelain, alloys or gold can be used to make the false teeth of a dental bridge. A combination can also be used if necessary for a realistic or cost-effective procedure to repair one’s smile.

Restore Confidence with Dental Bridges

By restoring your teeth, dental bridges can make you smile again with confidence. Beyond cosmetic reasons, they will help you chew and speak correctly. Dental bridges are permanently attached to the two teeth by crowns, which sit on either side of the gap. For this reason, they sit securely in your mouth and help distribute the force of a bite evenly around the mouth and maintain the appearance of a person’s facial features.

Because dental bridges adhere to the surrounding teeth and fill the empty space in a person’s mouth, they also help prevent other teeth from moving out of place over time. This can help a person to enjoy a beautiful smile for many years.

Porcelain is the most used dental bridge material due to its colour similar to teeth and its strong structural integrity. The bridge material is mounted on metal or ceramic so that the bridge stays in place, offering full protection and durability.

Do Dental Bridges Look Natural?

Dental bridges, sometimes called partial dentures, are intended for patients who have lost teeth but also have healthy teeth. Dental bridges are made up of several natural-looking replacement teeth and are supported by healthy teeth that are still in the patient’s mouth. A dental bridge uses these existing structures as anchors so that replacement teeth can remain secure at all times.

Can Dental Bridges Be Replaced?

Depending on the type, a dental bridge can be removed or permanently attached to the patient’s mouth. A removable bridge uses metal clasps or precision accessories to keep it secure, even when the user is talking or eating. One of the main advantages of a removable bridge is that the user can easily remove it to clean it. This makes the removable bridges very easy to maintain. When it is time for general use, the removable bridge can be replaced with ease.

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