Overcoming Your Fear of The Dentist


Scared of the dentist? You are not alone! One out of every four people is afraid of the dentist despite modern dentistry having little to no pain associated with it. Maybe you had a bad experience as a child or dislike the sound of the dental tools but there is no reason for you to allow your fear to get in the way of a healthy smile! We’re here to help.

  1. Inform The Clinic.

    Our team are fully trained and qualified in looking after nervous patients. If you let them know of your fears, they will do their utmost to help make your experience calm and relaxing.

  2. Pain-free Modern Dentistry

    Over the years, improvements in technology and medical advancements have changed the level of pain associated with treatments. Many dental treatments are now relatively painless which is worth remembering for your next trip.

  3. Put Your Headphones In

    Sometimes the sound of our dental tools is enough to send shivers down your spine! If this is the case, pop on some relaxing music or a podcast while having your treatment, you’d be surprised how this simple tip can put you at ease.

  4. Establish Control With Your Dentist

    Work out a hand signal with your dentist before treatment that lets them know you want to stop. This helps to stop the rise of panic, putting the control back into your hands knowing you can stop at any time.

  5. Deep Breaths

    Taking deep breaths during difficult moments will help calm you down and focus your energy to get you through.

  6. Always Other Options

    Don’t forget that there are always other options! We provide sedation for extremely nervous clients and have treatment plans to ensure you get the dental care you need. Don’t let your nerves hold you back - there is always a way through.

For more information about creating a treatment plan as a nervous patient, get in touch with your local clinic here.