New Regulations On Tooth Whitening

New Regulations on Tooth-Whitening

The Irish Dental Association welcomes the passing of a directive from the EU Council regulating the use of Hydrogen Peroxide, the chemical used in tooth-whitening products.

It prohibits the use of products that contain over 6% of hydrogen peroxide and stipulates that for products containing between 0.1% - 6% of hydrogen peroxide, a dentist must perform an oral exam and carry out the first treatment.

This means that tooth-whitening using hydrogen peroxide of a strength over 0.1% cannot be carried out at a beauty salon or other premises, and must be administered by a qualified dentist.

Why Legislate for the Use of Hydrogen Peroxide?

As the active ingredient in tooth whiteners, hydrogen peroxide is very active and can potentially cause harm if used incorrectly, or in too high a measure.

You will damage your enamel and your gums if the solution you use is too strong, and different people require different strengths of product.

Why Do I Need a Dentist to Carry Out Treatment?

Tooth-whitening is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. You need an oral examination to make sure your teeth and gums are suitable for use of the whitening product, and that use of hydrogen peroxide won’t cause you damage.

Once your dentist has carried out an exam, and administered the first treatment with correct monitoring of the patient’s response, a patient can then continue with, for example, a home whitening treatment at the strength and frequency advised by the dentist.

In all cases people must be over 18 to use these products.

What about Different Types of Whiteners?

It will still be permissible to use products with up to 18% Carbamide peroxide (CP)

(As a rule of thumb, if you divide the CP % content by a factor of 3 you obtain the % of active Hydrogen Peroxide (HP)



Tooth whitening products containing up to 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide will continue to be made available to consumers on the market, as the strength is not sufficient to cause damage.

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