Looking After Your Children's Teeth This Halloween!

It is the one time of year your children are given free rein to collect and eat all the sweets they can get their hands on. Halloween is a time of fairy tales, fun and fancy dress - so as a parent, how do you look after your children’s teeth without being a total party-pooper?

Traditionally, Halloween is not the dentist’s favourite holiday! As soon as children start consuming sweets, acid starts to attack the teeth. However, we have compiled a couple of tips you can implement to reduce the damage and still allow your kids to have fun.

Drink Water

Kill two birds with one stone, keep your kids hydrated while trick or treating by bringing along a bottle of water for them to sip on. Drinking water will help to neutralise the acid that begins attacking the teeth as soon as candy consumption begins!

Filter the loot

Some sweets are worse for the teeth than others. Rather than allow your kids to eat all and everything in the bag, filter out the hard candy and sticky sweets. These are the ones that do the most damage.

Play some games

Obviously a huge amount of the fun at Halloween is ‘trick or treating’ but splitting time between this and the playing of Halloween games will reduce the amount of candy gathering! There are a number of games that get kids moving (rather than sweet-eating) which will help burn off some of that sugar rush too! Check out this article for some ideas.

Eat sweets around mealtimes

If your child eats or drinks sugary treats all day, their teeth will be under constant attack from those nasty acids. If you can try and limit the sweet consumption to mealtimes, as a dessert after dinner, the attack will be greatly reduced.

Dress up! 

Remind your kids about looking after their teeth by dressing up as The Tooth Fairy or a zombie dentist! See, dentists are fun too :-)

Wishing all our REVA Dental patients (big and small) a very Happy Halloween! We’ll leave you with a joke…


Why did the vampire need mouthwash?  Because he had Bat Breath!