Beautify Your Smile

Smile with Confidence

Do you abstain from going out on social occasions because you are embarrassed by your smile? Are your teeth discoloured, chipped, cracked or broken? At Reva Dental we provide a wide range of treatments designed to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Three ways you can enhance your smile…

Are you ready for your close up? We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to beautify your smile without compromising the health or integrity of your teeth. At Crescent Dental we are committed to your oral health, and helping you to discover just how a beautiful smile can help boost your self-confidence.

Beautify your smile with our Tooth Whitening treatment…

Reverse one major sign of ageing – tooth discolouration – with our in-surgery or whitening treatments. Did you know that it has been found in a recent study that those with straight white teeth are 51% more likely to be offered a job and 58% more likely to be offered a promotion than those with discoloured teeth?!

Rediscover your smile with Dental Veneers…

Achieve a long-lasting and perfect smile with the help of our durable, strong and stain-resistant porcelain veneers. With this cosmetic dental treatment we are able to address the fundamental factors of a great smile – straightening, reshaping and whitening. Porcelain veneers can be used to correct teeth that are misshapen, chipped, discoloured or crooked.

Rejuvenate your appearance with a Smile Makeover…

We are proud to offer our patients the most advanced dental treatment available. We can combine some of these treatments to offer you a comprehensive smile makeover – a treatment plan personalised to your smile which can include several treatments such as:

  • Tooth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Dental Implants
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